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DIY Bunny Eggs: A Dollar Tree Bunny Egg DIY- With Twine

Add charm to your Easter decor with these DIY Dollar Tree Bunny Easter Eggs! These delightful twine-wrapped treasures are inexpensive and easy to make. Don't miss out on this Easter Egg DIY.

As Easter approaches, it's time to infuse your home with the joy and charm of the season. What better way than with adorable DIY bunny eggs wrapped in twine? This delightful DIY not only adds a touch of whimsy to your Easter decor but also offers a creative, inexpensive option. I thoroughly enjoy DIY projects, and let me tell you, this plastic bunny egg makeover wrapped in twine or yarn is a gem.

Why Twine-Wrapped Bunny Eggs?

The beauty of these DIY bunny eggs is their simplicity and versatility. With just a couple of dollars and twine, you can easily create and customize these cute little bunnies to suit your style. I love the rustic farmhouse look so I went with rustic and striped twine from Dollar Tree. I love how they look in a bowl or basket but you could also hang them from branches, or set them on a shelf.

The Dollar Tree Advantage

One of the best parts of this DIY project is that it can be done on a budget, thanks to supplies readily available at Dollar Tree. From plastic eggs to twine, you can find everything you need for this craft in one convenient location. Not only does this make the project affordable, but it also adds an element of satisfaction knowing you've created something beautiful without breaking the bank. Do you happen to have some yarn? You can utilize it to craft these budget-friendly easter bunnies.

  • Bunny-shaped Easter eggs (purchased from Dollar Tree)

  • Twine or yarn

  • Scissors

  • Small White Pompoms

  • Hot Glue Gun

Shop hot glue gun here

Mini hot glue gun, priced under $10
Hot glue gun, compact size, priced below $10

How to Make Twine-Wrapped Bunny Eggs

1. Gather Your Supplies: Start by gathering plastic or styrofoam eggs, twine, and hot glue. You can also add embellishments like ribbon or faux flowers for extra flair.

Plastic eggs, and twine for DIY bunnies
I bought plastic eggs, twine, and pom poms from the Dollar Tree, spending only $3 to create these DIY bunnies.

2. Secure the Twine: Begin by gluing one end of the twine to the bottom of the egg. Hold it in place until the glue sets to ensure a secure attachment.

3. Wrap the Egg: Continue wrapping the twine around the egg, ensuring tight and even coverage.

4. Add the tail: Once the egg is fully wrapped add a pompom or cotton ball for a tail. Get creative and personalize each egg to suit your style.

5. Display: Once your twine-wrapped bunny eggs are complete, it's time to display them proudly as part of your Easter decor. Whether nestled in a basket, adorning a mantel, or hanging from branches, these adorable creations will surely be a delight. DIY projects like twine-wrapped bunny eggs are a wonderful, inexpensive way to get creative and add a personal touch to your Easter decor.

Don't forget the Easter eggs! Did you know you can dye eggs using onion skins?

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