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How To Make Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag

Homemade Ice Cream couldn't be any easier to make, with a few simple steps you will have delicious Ice cream in no time!

Homemade ice cream in a bag. This ice cream in a Ziploc bag recipe is a must-try this summer. Making ice cream is an excellent activity for kids and just as much fun for adults. With only five ingredients, half and half, sugar, ice cream salt, vanilla, and ice cubes you can make a delicious treat and create precious memories. One thing I have figured out while raising my children is that it's the simplest thing they remember as they grow up. Making memories in the kitchen will most likely be passed down from generation to generation. My fondest childhood memories are with my Grandmother in the kitchen. Sunday sauce, homemade bread, and fried dough are just a few of the many recipes I still make today. I will share links to those recipes below!

What is ice cream salt? Ice cream salt is rock salt, it has the same chemical makeup as table salt but is much larger. The large size of ice cream salt mixes better with the ice. The large ice cream salt also won't seep into the bag of ice cream. You can buy it at Walmart for less than two dollars.


Try to use quality Ziploc brand bags. Store brand bags will work but they don't always seal as well and aren't as thick and sturdy as the Ziploc brand. If you are using store-brand bags, double each bag. I used store-brand and had to double bag.

Have a covered work surface, and place a large towel under the bags when you start shaking them. You can also wrap a kitchen towel around the Ziploc bag. This step will absorb any melting ice.

Carefully remove the ice cream from the bag. This will prevent salt from getting into the ice cream.


1. cup half and half

2. 2 tbsp sugar

3. ½ teaspoon vanilla

4. 3 cups of ice

5. ½ cup of ice cream salt (rock salt ) kosher salt will work also

6. toppings of your choice


Combine sugar, half and half, and vanilla in a quart-size Ziploc bag and seal.

Place the salt and ice cubes in a gallon-size Ziploc bag. Place the small quart-size bag of half and half mixture (sealed) in the large bag. Seal the large bag and shake continuously for 5-7 minutes. The salt is going to make the ice extra cold, you can wear gloves or wrap a kitchen towel around the large Ziploc bag.

For homemade chocolate ice cream add chocolate syrup to the half and half mixture.

Topping ideas, crumbled cookies, M&M’s, strawberries, and how about some crushed candy cane for Christmas time.

Eat your homemade ice cream right away it melts quickly! I hope you enjoy this ice cream in a bag! Links to other recipes are below! Thank you for stopping by Lia Rose Simply Home! Traditional family recipes are linked below.



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