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How To Make Primitive Grungy Jars

How to make a jar look old and primitive. A simple way to bring an antique look into your home. Re-purpose those jars into pretty, functional, and meaningful decor pieces.

Primitive Grungy Jars - the name does them no justice, but let me tell you “grungy” will not disappoint when it comes to these cute, functional little decor pieces that you can make yourself for pennies. An empty jar, cinnamon, and Modge Podge are all you need. I have a blog post on How To Make Grungy Cans, the jars are made the same way except I recommend using Modge Podge instead of Elmers Glue on glass. Glass is a smoother, almost slippery surface. I find the Modge Podge adheres better.

How To Make Grungy Cans

What is primitive decor also known as country or folk art? Primitive style is from early Americana mid-1700s to early 1800s. You may recognize it when you see barn stars, crows, and aged wood signs. Primitive is very similar to farmhouse-style decor but with more muted earthy tones and pottery.

Instead of tossing out your empty cans or glass jars make grungy jars and turn them into cute decor with a useful purpose. The uses for these jars are endless. They are perfect for pen and pencil holders, children’s paint brushes, makeup brushes and so much more. You can also use your grungy jar for a small bunch of flowers. Battery operated candles, and cinnamon sticks are great ideas as well. My favorite thing to put in them is candy canes at Christmas time, a little Christmas ribbon around the jar and you have a pretty, warm, and inviting decor piece. You can also use your leftover glue and put pictures on them. Google free printables for whatever you are interested in, print it out on computer paper, cut the picture out, rip it around the edges, and coffee or tea stain it.

How To Tea (coffee) Stain Paper

What you’ll need

An empty jar


Modge Podge

Small paintbrush or sponge brush, I used the sponge brushes from Dollar Tree

Two flat containers

A little water to add to your Modge Podge

To make The Grungy Jar!

Pour some of the Modge Podge into one of your containers add a little bit of water to thin it out.

Pour cinnamon into the other container.

Spread the glue over the jar then dip it into the cinnamon. You can sprinkle the cinnamon on any bare spots.

Let it dry completely (this part shouldn’t take long maybe an hour or so)

Repeat this process one more time, let dry, and for the third coat use just your glue mixture to seal it and give it a little shine.

That’s it you’re done! Now get creative and decorate I hope you enjoy making these they are so simple to make.

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