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Canned Cinnamon Rolls In The Waffle Maker

Canned cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker are the best waffles ever. You can make these in under five minutes. Top with frosting or syrup.

What is better than a cinnamon roll? Let me tell you, a cinnamon roll made in a waffle maker. Canned cinnamon rolls made in a waffle maker bring delicious, slightly crispy, soft, and chewy cinnamon waffles, and an even better cinnamon roll. Whether you're craving a sweet cinnamon bun, or want to make a special breakfast this is for you.

When I first saw this idea on the internet I thought, why use a waffle maker? Why not just bake them in the oven? I gave it a try and I love it, I know you will too. I don't think I will ever bake cinnamon rolls in the oven again. Pull out the waffle iron, grab store-bought canned cinnamon rolls and you can make these cinnamon waffles in less time than it takes to preheat the oven. I have a mini waffle maker and made one cinnamon waffle at a time and it took five minutes to make the whole can of cinnamon rolls.

What You Will Need

Can of store-bought cinnamon rolls, I buy the Aldi brand. They are half the price of the name brand.

Waffle maker, I have a mini waffle maker. It's only $12 on Amazon and works great. I will link it below.

How To Make Cinnamon Rolls In A Waffle Maker

Step One- Spray the waffle maker with cooking spray. If you don't have cooking spray, rub a little oil on the waffle iron with a paper towel. Heat the waffle iron.

Step Two- Using a rolling pin gently flatten the cinnamon buns. This step will ensure the waffles cook evenly and spread out enough throughout the waffle iron.

Step Three- One cinnamon roll equals one waffle. Place one cinnamon roll in the waffle maker. Unless you have a large waffle maker then place four.

Step Four- Lower the lid and cook the waffle for about two minutes.

Top the waffles with the frosting that comes with the cinnamon rolls or top with maple syrup.

Other topping ideas, Nutella, fresh berries, powdered sugar, and whip cream.

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