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DIY Mason Jar and Tissue Paper Luminaries

Upcycle those jars! Light up the night with these adorable luminary jars made with tissue paper, and glue.

We are halfway through summer vacation here in the North East and the boredom is setting in. This is the perfect time to keep the kids busy with simple, fun crafts. Children love crafts and are so proud of their work. These luminary jars are playful, fun, and perfect for displaying with a battery-operated tea light candle. These lanterns are so versatile you can use colors of the seasons—browns for fall, and red and green for Christmas. You can fill the jar with candy and give them as a gift. Handmade gifts from children are priceless. My favorite thing is putting them on the window sill with a tea light candle on a rainy day. Luminary jars also make pretty tablescapes outdoors.

Check out this coffee filter butterfly craft. It’s another kid-approved favorite.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

What You Will Need:

Empty jar ( jelly jars are perfect ) baby food jars work well for preschool-age children

Colored tissue paper

Elmer's Glue

Battery-operated tea light


Small paintbrush, I like to use the small foam brushes from Dollar Tree, they are great for little hands.

How To Make Jar Luminaries

1. Start with a dry jar.

2. Cut or rip small pieces of tissue paper. I like using ripped tissue paper. It seems to blend well.

3. Apply a thin layer of glue to the jar. Do small sections at a time the glue will dry fast. Take the pieces of tissue paper and stick them to the jar overlapping the edges.

4. Once the jar is covered with paper, allow it to dry and add a battery-operated tea light.

Check out these DIY Grungy Jars made with cinnamon and modge podge. They will bring warmth and character into your home as a decor piece and they are functional.

Grungy Cans and Jars

I hope you enjoy this DIY lantern as much as we do! Tag me on Instagram @Lia Rose Simply Home I would love to see what your child's imagination creates. Thank You For Stopping By!



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