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How To Encourage Your Child To Read

Encourage reading with this simple DIY reading tree using supplies you already have at home.

Reading Tips

As parents and caregivers, we all want to

encourage our children to read, sometimes that’s easier said than done especially nowadays with so many electronic devices at a child’s disposal. Imagine books replacing phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. I have a few tips for encouraging reading, including a DIY reading tree that is simple to make with materials you most likely have on hand.

Display books everywhere while making sure they are within reach so your child has easy access. I always think of the movie Field of Dreams “ If you build it They will come “ If books are within reach and displayed children will pick them up. Mix books in your child’s toy basket especially board books for toddlers. Have an older sibling read to a younger sibling. Children of all ages love picture books and to the older

child it doesn’t seem like work, instead, it provides practice. Keep books in your

car and limit screen time.

Take A Trip To Your Local Library

I encourage you to take a trip to your local library. Let your child explore. Children of all ages love to pick out their own books. When they pick out books themselves they will start to find things that interest them. For small children, it could be firetrucks, insects, or mermaids, and for older children, they may find interest in space, sewing, or cooking. Take the time to slow down and enjoy an electronic-free afternoon. Grab a book for yourself, reading will help reduce stress and tension even if it’s just a few minutes a day. When you read a book it’s an escape for your

mind, somewhere else to go away from the stressors of everyday life.

Below are a few of my favorite fall children books that I know your family will enjoy!

How To Make Your Reading Tree

Now for the Reading the Tree which is like a reward chart. Start by cutting out leaf shapes on construction paper I used fall colors since it’s the season we are in and googled free leaf printable and used that as a leaf pattern. To make the trunk I taped 6 sheets of computer paper to the wall, drew the trunk then cut it out and colored it with a brown crayon. Use your imagination let the kids help and get creative. When your child has finished reading a book grab a leaf write the title and author on it and tape it to the tree. Watch your tree grow!

Here are some of the links to our favorite books. I will also be adding more books frequently.

Mouse's First Fall:

Bella's Fall Coat:

My First Book Of Planets:

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12 juil. 2022

Good idea!


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