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How To Salt Paint

Have tons of fun with this simple salt painting technique. Use basic table salt and watercolor paint to create beautifully textured art.

It's that time of year when we are anxiously awaiting spring's arrival and looking for ways to entertain the kids after being cooped up all winter. Salt painting is unique, easy, and fun, kids will love this textured paint technique.

With basic household items you can give the kids tons of fun all while sparking their creativity. Elmer's glue, table salt, and watercolor paint bring a unique puffy paint to any drawing.

Salt painting is simple and inexpensive using a few basic supplies. If you’ve never tried salt painting grab the supplies and give it a try.

Card stock is recommended but there are many other options. Paper plates, cardboard boxes, the plain side of a cereal box, and poster board work well. Regular paper won't hold up well it's too thin to withstand the weight of the glue and water. To make the process even easier with minimal cleanup, place the card stock that you are going to do your salt painting on in a cookie sheet. When it’s time to pour the salt over the glue, the salt will stay on the cookie sheet and won’t get all over the table or the floor.

What Is Salt Painting?

Salt painting also known as raised painting is a creative way to create textured art. Salt painting creates vibrant colors and a crystalized look.

Can I Paint The Salt Right Away?

You can paint the salt right away or let it dry and go back it to later.

What If I Don't Have Watercolor Paint?

If you do not have watercolor paint you can use food coloring diluted with a couple of tablespoons of water. The more food coloring you use the darker your paint color will be.


  • Elmer's glue

  • Card stock

  • Table salt

  • Watercolor paint

  • Small paint brush

A cookie sheet is optional but recommended. This step will make cleanup a breeze. It will be used to place the paper in when the salt is poured over the glue.

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NOTE Don't drench the watercolor paint with water.

How To Salt Paint Instructions


Step 1 Use Elmer's glue to draw or trace a design or picture.

Step 2 Pour a good amount of salt onto the glue.

Step 3 & Step 4 Carefully pour the excess salt onto a cookie tray, then gently apply the watercolor paint to the salt. You won't need a lot of water. It's so fun watching the salt absorb the water and trail along the drawing.

Step 5 Let the salt painting dry entirely and display.

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