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DIY Farmhouse Sunflowers

How to make primitive-farmhouse sunflowers with fabric scraps and mason jar rings.

Look at these adorable DIY farmhouse sunflowers! Can you believe these beauties were made with scrap fabric, a mason jar ring, and a mason jar lid? Today we are going to learn how to make sunflowers with fabric scraps. This is such a fun and rewarding DIY. When I saw them on Pinterest I knew I had to give it a try. They add so much warmth and texture to any space. DIY sunflowers can be placed in a vase or tucked in anywhere. You can also hang these DIY sunflowers by simply adding a piece of twine or ribbon.

These farmhouse sunflowers are easy to make and a great way to put those fabric scraps to use. I especially love the fact that these DIY sunflowers are fully customizable. You can use fabric colors to go with the season. Light yellows and blues for Spring and Summer, and browns and oranges for Fall. I love the little bumble bees on the fabric I used it is perfect for Summertime. If you don't have scrap fabric you can purchase fabric strips or precut squares from Walmart for around $6.00. For this project, I purchased the fabric strips because Im also crafting a DIY rag garland, with one package of fabric strips for $6.46 I can complete two projects. Stay tuned here at Lia Rose Simply Home for the rag garland DIY.

How to Make DIY Sunflowers with Fabric Scraps and Mason Jar Rings

Let's get started on this fun and easy sunflower craft.



Fabric scraps 6 1/2 inches in length and about an inch wide. The fabric strips do not need to be perfectly cut, the cuts don't have to be straight and the widths don't have to be exact. Raw edges and size variations are what give the sunflower character.

Mason jar rings and lids (one set per flower)

Hot glue (optional)


Cotton balls or fiberfill (I used stuffing from an old pillow)

Ruler or measuring tape

A thin dowel rod, skewer, chopstick, or stick from outside will work.

NOTE- You can use a nail and hammer to make a hole in the mason jar ring to insert the stick. It will look neater, but I figured no one would see the back of the sunflower anyway and just hot glued my stick to the back. If you are going to insert the stick into the mason jar ring do so before you tie the fabric to the ring.

To create the farmhouse sunflower tie the strips of fabric to the mason jar ring. There is no need to double not the fabric. Tie the fabric strips tightly and work your way around the ring. Slide the fabric knots close together this step will ensure a full sunflower.

Trim the fabric on the sunflower to the desired length. I trimmed the fabric on half of the petals to add dimension and texture. You don't want the fabric any shorter than 6 1/2 inches when you're tying it to the mason jar ring because it will be hard to handle. Trim any extra fabric when the sunflower is completed.

Add the center of the sunflower. This is where the magic happens and the farmhouse sunflower comes to life. On a 5-inch or so piece of fabric (remember were using scraps for this DIY, for one of my farmhouse sunflowers I actually used about a three-inch wide piece of fabric and it worked fine) Lay a small amount of fiberfill or three cotton balls on the silver side of the mason jar lid. The beige side of the mason jar lid will be the back of the sunflower. Press the fabric-covered lid into the center of the mason jar ring. Listen for the lid to pop which means it's firmly in place.

NOTE- you can apply hot glue to the lid to hold the stuffing in place.

Hot glue a small dowl rod to the back of the sunflower or tie a ribbon or twine and hang the sunflowers.

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Thank You for stopping by Lia Rose Simply Home, where you will find simple, Inspirational, homemaking! I hope you enjoy these DIY Farmhouse Sunflowers as much as I do. Tag me if you make some. Follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!



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