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How To Make Faux Pantry Cakes

Make these adorable faux pantry cakes with salt dough and coffee grounds. These faux pantry cakes are fun to make and bring warmth and beauty to your home.

If you love primitive and farmhouse decor stick around because you're sure to love these handmade faux pantry cakes with warm earth tones, and a slight scent of coffee. Faux pantry cakes bring warmth and character into any space and look so pretty displayed on open shelving, a hutch, or on the stovetop. I especially love placing them on an antique plate. Dried flowers or berries can be placed around the edge of the plate for a pop of color and change as the seasons change, dried lavender during the summer, or cranberries and greenery throughout the winter months.

Don’t let the delicate beauty of these faux pantry cakes intimidate you, they are easy to make with salt dough, coffee grounds, and a cup of coffee. One of the things I love about making these pantry cakes is their scent, they have a slight coffee scent with a hint of cinnamon, and the best part is you can customize the scent of the pantry cake with flavored coffee. My all-time favorite flavored coffee scents are hazelnut and vanilla cinnamon. When I make these pantry cakes I buy the great value scented coffee for under five dollars. You certainly don't have to buy flavored coffee, use whatever you have on hand and there's no waste or spending money.

Save a cup of those used coffee grounds along with a cup of coffee and let’s get started. You will need a small bundt pan or decorative muffin tin to make these pantry cakes. My local library has a wide variety of cake pans and muffin tins available to borrow so check your library if you don't want to purchase one. Another great place to check is thrift stores.

Look at these gorgeous antique muffin tins I found at a thrift store for $1.00 each. The muffin tins work well for bowl or basket fillers. The bundt pan I used from the library is just about five inches wide. I will link a couple of inexpensive bundt pans from Amazon at the end of this post.

Will Faux Pantry Cake Dough Ruin My Pan?

No, this salt dough recipe will not ruin your pan. You will coat the pan with Crisco or cooking spray so the pantry cake will be removed easily. The only thing that may be remaining on the pan is a little cinnamon.

Do I Have To Use Flavored Coffee?

You do not have to use flavored coffee although pantry cakes do smell wonderful with hazelnut, vanilla, or spiced coffee. Any cup of coffee and coffee grounds will work and unflavored coffee will still smell good.



Be sure to coat the pan or tin with Crisco or cooking spray. This step will ensure the pantry cake doesn't stick to the pan. After coating the pan with Crisco, lightly coat the pan with cinnamon.

Slow and steady wins the race with faux pantry cakes. Be sure to keep a steady low heat at 180 degrees for 3-4 hours for larger pantry cakes and 1-2 hours for smaller ones.

Pantry cakes will be damp on the top when they are removed from the pan and will continue to dry and harden over 48 hours. The color of the pantry cake will lighten a little bit as it dries.



1 cup salt

2 cups flour

3 tablespoons cinnamon-plus some for dusting the bundt pan.

½ cup of used moist coffee grounds

1 cup of room-temperature coffee

Crisco or cooking spray to coat the pan or muffin tin.



Preheat oven to 180 degrees

1. Combine flour, salt, cinnamon, and coffee grounds in a bowl, giving it a quick stir.

2. Slowly add the coffee, stirring until well combined. Do not over-mix the dough, when it starts to form use your hands to finish combining the ingredients.

3. Press the dough into the pan. Pressing the dough into the pan will ensure the top of your pantry cake is nice and smooth and takes the complete form of the bundt pan.

NOTE- For the bundt pan size you don't have to fill the pan to the top with dough. In fact, the pantry cake will dry better if the pan is filled a little over halfway. Muffin tins can be filled all the way because they are smaller. If you plan on giving a pantry cake as a gift and you are going to ship it then I would fill the pan with dough because the pantry cake will be stronger.

4. Bake the pantry cakes in the 180-degree oven for 3-4 hours

5. Let the pantry cake cool for 10-15 minutes then remove it from the pan and let it continue to dry and cure for 24 hours. The pantry cake will continue to dry and harden as it cures.

You may also enjoy- How to make a grungy can, also known as a rusty tin can. How to is in the link below! This DIY grungy can is super easy to make.

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Six cavity mini fluted tube baking pan

Bundt duet pan five cup-six inch. This is the pan I used.

Bundt pan six cup-8inch

I hope you enjoy making faux pantry cakes, tag me on Instagram if you make one I would love to see it! Subscribe to my email list and never miss a post!

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