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How to Coffee (tea) Stain Paper

Have you ever noticed how intriguing old paper is, or loved the discoloration and texture of the pages in an old book? In this post, I'll guide you through the simple process of transforming ordinary paper into an antique look with the help of coffee.

Coffee Stained Paper

Coffee-stained paper offers numerous creative possibilities, and my personal favorite is using it for decoupage crafts. You can easily find free printable images online, and I'll provide a link to the website I used for free farmhouse-themed printables below.

The process is incredibly straightforward, allowing you to create multiple pages simultaneously and craft a beautiful journal. Imagine having that on your nightstand! The images I'm sharing can also be resized and placed in picture frames. Coffee-stained greeting cards can become framed art, or you can even use this technique to create unique gift wrap. The creative possibilities are endless. Below, you can view photos of rustic jars and cans adorned with coffee-stained farmhouse labels.

I'll provide links to the blog posts below, where you can learn how to create charming grungy jars and cans, as well as a delightful primitive bell DIY project. Coffee-stained paper adds a lovely touch to these containers. What's even better is that these grungy cans and jars not only look beautiful but also serve as functional decorative pieces.

DIY primitive bells..Dollar Tree makeover

Check out these free farmhouse printable‘s at

Let's dive into the exciting part – how to achieve that vintage paper look with coffee. In my experience, instant coffee is the most effective choice. It imparts a deeper color more quickly, but a cup of brewed coffee will also work.



Instant Coffee

Paper you want to stain

A tray that will withstand boiling water

How To Tea Stain Paper with Coffee

Here's how to create that coffee-stained effect on paper. Mix 4 to 6 tablespoons of instant coffee with 3 cups of boiling water in a tray. Once the instant coffee is fully dissolved, submerge your paper for about a minute, or longer if you desire a deeper hue. Remember, the more coffee you use and the longer you let it soak, the darker your paper will become. In the coffee-stained photos I've shared, I used 6 tablespoons of coffee and 3 cups of water.

The coffee stained paper will dry lighter. Don’t worry if it looks a little orange when it’s wet. To dry the wet paper I placed them on a paper towel to soak up access water, then I put them on a plastic place mat to finish drying.

TIP If your image isn't dark enough, it's simpler to add extra instant coffee to the water. Conversely, if you initially use too much coffee and the result is too dark, dilute it by adding more water.

There's no definitive method for this – the beauty of antiques and aged items lies in their imperfections. Each flaw adds a unique character and charm to the piece. I hope you take pleasure in this little project and let your creativity run free.

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Feb 22, 2022

So cool and easy!


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