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How To Make Calming Bath Salts

Relax and soothe achy muscles by adding this homemade, calming bath salt to your bath water.

This calming bath salt recipe made with all-natural ingredients is just what you need at the end of a stressful, or exhausting day. Today I'm sharing two different ways to make bath salts, they are both equally effective. Himalayan salt can be a little pricey compared to Epsom salt. I only use Himalayan salt if I'm making the bath salts for a gift, the large pink crystals are extra pretty. Homemade bath salts, along with homemade body butter make a great gift. I will link my homemade body butter recipe below.

There are plenty of store-bought bath salts, but do we know what's in them? This bath salt recipe is simple to make with organic, natural ingredients. Making your own beauty and cleaning products lets you choose the ingredients and saves money. If you are interested in making your own products from beauty, to cleaning supplies I've got you covered. These recipes are simple and can be whipped up in no time at all For example homemade foaming hand soap can be made in the same time it takes you to refill the soap dispenser.

What are the health benefits of Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is a natural mineral found in the ground and is made up of magnesium, and sulfate. Magnesium is known for it’s ability to relax muscles, and can restore magnesium levels when used in a bath because it’s absorbed through the skin.

Epsom salt is known for it’s ability to ease joint and muscle pain, reduce inflammation, soothe skin conditions including eczema, and soften dry skin.

What are the health benefits of sea salt?

Sea salt added to a bath can stimulate circulation, help relieve joint stiffness while relaxing muscles, and soothe irritated skin. Soaking in a sea salt bath also helps you relax.

What are the health benefits of Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt can reduce redness, and irritation on the skin. Himalayan salt is great for reducing stress and tension, and also aids in soothing muscles and softening the skin.

Ingredients For Himalayan and Sea Salt Bath Salt

3 cups Himalayan salt

1 cup Sea Salt

15-20 drops of rose or lavender oil

A pinch of dried lavender (optional)

Small mason jar

Ingredients For Epsom and Sea Salt Bath Salt

3 cups Epsom salt

1 cup sea salt

15-20 drops of rose or lavender oil

A pinch of dried lavender (optional)

Small mason jar

Instructions - This is so easy!

1. In a bowl, add the salts and gently stir until well combined.

2. Add 15-20 drops of rose or lavender essential oil. A pinch of dried lavender (optional)

3. Stir gently with a wooden spoon to mix the oil and salts.

4. Transfer the salts into a mason jar, or a muslin bag.

How to use homemade bath salts?

Pour 1 cup of the salts into running bath water and soak for at least 10 minutes.

I hope you take some time to relax, unwind, and soothe sore muscles with this homemade bath salt. Self-care is something we all seem to put on the back burner. I hope this helps to encourage you, and stay tuned for my all-natural DIY bath bomb.

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