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Homemade Streak Free Window And Glass Cleaner

This DIY glass cleaner is non-toxic, costs pennies to make and you won't believe how crystal clear your windows and glass will be.

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Look at that shine and reflection! If you are on social media I'm sure you've noticed the “you have to try this” or “this really works.” Some do work, some don't and most commercial products are hyped up. I'm here and I'm saying it, you have to try this homemade glass cleaner because it does work. Ditch the store-bought window cleaner, you will never have to or want to rebuy it again. You will want to clean every window in your house once you see the crystal clear, streak-free shine this DIY glass cleaner gives. Spring is here, it's the perfect time to give this homemade window cleaner a try. You have nothing to lose with the minimal pantry ingredients you most likely have on hand.

Store-bought window cleaner contains ammonia, leaving streaks, and a foggy film on windows and glass. Over time with continued use store-bought window cleaner can leave a film behind. You most likely won't realize the film is there until you use this DIY window cleaner. The alcohol in this recipe is the key to a streak-free shine. The vinegar contains acetic acid, a colorless organic compound that cuts thru grease and grime while killing some bacteria. This DIY glass cleaner works amazing on glass table tops.

Window Cleaning Tips

Use a microfiber cloth.

Clean your windows when the sun isn't shining directly on the window.

What do I need to make homemade window and glass cleaner?

⅓ cup white vinegar

¼ cup rubbing alcohol

3 ½ cups of water

1 32-oz spray bottle

microfiber cloth (recommended)


Pour all ingredients into the spray bottle. Shake well before using. I hope you find this recipe useful and love it as much as I do. Thank You for stopping by Lia Rose Simply Home!

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21 giu 2022

Amazing! Have never had the glass in my house so perfect!

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