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How To Make All-Purpose Cleaner with Castile Soap

All-natural homemade cleaner with castile soap is cost-effective and chemical-free. Are you ready to start Spring cleaning? Try these all-natural cleaning products that work. You will feel good about using natural cleaning products in your home!

Homemade non-toxic cleaning products are easy to make, they work and are a cheaper, healthier option. Dr.Bronner's Castile soap is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and has many different uses. Use castile soap to make foaming hand soap, all-purpose cleaner even laundry soap. I have to say the foaming hand soap is my favorite. My hands feel clean after using this foaming hand soap. I will link it below, it is a must-try and easy to whip up.

When you see how simple it is to make homemade cleaning products ( that work ) you'll wonder why you waited so long to make the switch. It took me a while to try homemade cleaning products. I will link the first recipe I tried and was immediately impressed with. Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner with Lemon Essential Oil and Vinegar. This cleaner cuts grease unbelievably well. Check out the blog post here.

All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Pour ¼ cup of Dr. Bronners Castile Soap into a one-quart spray bottle and fill it to the top with water. Add 6 drops of lemon essential oil or lavender oil. Essential oil is optional. If you have a smaller spray bottle that is 16 oz use 2 tablespoons of Castile Soap and 3 drops of essential oil.

Link to soap link spray bottle

Link to castile soap

Link to castile soap

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