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How To Make Non Toxic Scouring Scrub!

How to make all-natural cleaning products. How to make homemade non-toxic scouring scrub that works better than store-bought.

Benefits Of Homemade Cleaning Products

Homemade cleaning products don’t get enough credit and most people are hesitant to try them. We are naturally drawn to things that are pleasing to the eye. There are many cleaning product choices in stores and online, all of which have pretty, fancy bottles. The marketing industry works hard to draw our eyes to products, and I have to say they do a very good job, but it all comes at a price. As a consumer, we are paying for the marketing and convenience more than we're paying for the actual product. Homemade cleaners are inexpensive to make and work better than store-bought cleaners. Our environment and health are also things to think about.

Did you know 91% of plastic is not recycled and most of that ends up in the ocean? It takes about 450 years for plastic to decompose.

Chemicals in our cleaning supplies are not good for our health. Grab a bottle of your multipurpose cleaner and google the ingredients, you will be surprised what’s in there. If you are interested in a healthier home, cleaning products are the best place to start.

DIY Streak free window and glass cleaner

DIY All-purpose cleaner with Castile Soap

DIY all-purpose cleaner, excellent on grease and grime

There are so many spray bottles and glass canisters to choose from. You can make your homemade products look pretty, all while using these containers as decor. Since they are all-natural, with no chemicals you can leave them on a high shelf in your laundry room and not worry about your children or pets.

This homemade scouring powder is so easy to make and is safe for your pets and kids! My Grandaughter loves to help me in the kitchen, and with natural cleaning products I don't have to worry about chemicals

Homemade non-toxic cleaning products are easy to make, they work and are a cheaper, healthier option. Learn how to make non-toxic cleaners with minimal ingredients. The first all-natural, non-toxic cleaner I’m going to share is a scouring scrub that really works. I have tried and used all the recipes I’ll be sharing. I will post a new recipe every couple of days so check back for more great cleaning products.

Below is a list of some of the essential ingredients that are in most of the recipes. Keep in mind you will get many uses from one box of borax, baking soda, etc. You can buy pretty glass or plastic bottles and jars on amazon to store your cleaning products in, and since you're going to reuse the same container each time you make your cleaners you are saving on waste.

Basic Ingredients used for more than one DIY cleaner recipe.

White Vinegar


Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soap

Lemon Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential oil Oil

All-natural scouring scrub recipe

1 cup of Borax

1 cup of Baking Soda

1 cup of salt

Combine the ingredients in an airtight container and mix thoroughly.

To clean a surface, sprinkle some of the scouring powder on the surface and with a damp sponge ( add more water as needed ) clean the surface then rinse.

How to make my kitchen sink shine?

Olive oil, yes Olive oil will make your stainless sink shine! Not only is Olive Oil an all natural and great way to polish stainless steel, It’s also a protectant so your sink will stay cleaner longer.

Apply olive oil to a soft cloth and buff all areas of your sink until shiny. As you can see from my photos this scrub works amazing! Try it! I promise you will have a clean and super shiny kitchen sink!

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