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How To Make DIY Ghosts.

These DIY Ghosts made with fabric stiffener and cheesecloth are a festive addition to your Halloween decor.

These cute little Ghosts are so fun and easy to make. With this ghost diy you can make them any size you’d like, a large ghost using a gallon milk jug or a small ghost using a water bottle.

Get creative and use your imagination. All you need to do is have something that will be the shape of a ghost once the cheesecloth is layered over the form. The cheesecloth will dry exactly how you lay it. It’s pretty amazing to see a milk jug and cheesecloth transform into these amazing ghosts.

To make these ghosts even more magical put a battery-operated puck light or twinkle light under your ghosts.

This is a great project to do with the kids. Children are amazed with the end result. My guess, this diy will be one for the memory books, it’s that fun!

The ghosts can be stored away for following years in a plastic storage bin. You can use a cardboard box as long as it isn’t stored in a damp area, like a basement.

What You Will Need

Parchment or Wax paper to put under your Ghosts.


Fabric Stiffener

Aluminum Foil

Empty Milk Jug or Water Bottle

A bowl to put your mixture in

How To Make Your Ghosts

Lay down Parchment Paper, and place your jug or bottle on the paper. Don't skip this step the mixture will drip, you are going to leave your ghosts on the paper until it's dry.

Use foil to shape a head and arms (see photos and video tutorial below)

Cut your Cheesecloth to fit the size of your form - You'll want at least two layers for your ghosts.

Mix together the liquid starch with a little bit of water so It's the consistency of milk. Soak the cheesecloth in the starch and drape it over your ghost form. It will dry exactly how you place it.

Let it dry for 12 to 24 hours. Once the ghost is dry remove it from the form and place the eyes. The eyes can be made with construction paper or felt.

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Fabric Stiffener

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