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How To Water Potted Mums The Right Way.

Have you been watering your potted mums the wrong way? Are they drying up? Are the flowers turning brown? In this post, I will tell you how to get the most life out of your potted mums by watering them the correct way.

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Mums, which are short for chrysanthemums are one of the first signs of fall. You’ll see potted mums with their big flowers and vibrant colors on porches right beside pumpkins. Pumpkins and mums paired together create a warm and inviting entry to your home.

While the blooming season is short ( 6 to 8 weeks ) there are ways to extend the flowering season and over the health of your mums. Mums are very thirsty plants and require a lot of watering, but not how you would think. If you’ve had mums I’m sure you have noticed the plant is dry within hours after watering.

Don't water potted mums directly on the flowers, when the flowers are wet and the sun is out the flowers will turn brown.

If you pour water over the top of the mums and it’s sunny outside your flowers will turn brown quickly. You will also notice the water immediately draining out of the bottom of the pot, and the soil still feeling dry. The best way to water your potted mum is from the bottom.

You will need something shallow to set your potted plant in. An aluminum pie tin or a plastic saucer made for plants. The clear plastic saucers work best because you can't see them. It only needs to hold a few inches of water. Simply place the potted plant in the tin or saucer and leave it alone. The roots will absorb the water at their own pace. Water your mums in the evening, this way the roots are nice and hydrated for the next day when the temperatures rise and the sun comes out.

How do I remove dead flowers?

To remove dead flowers simply pinch or cut at the base of the flower. Chrysanthemums love full sun, but the full direct sun and heat will speed up the blooming cycle. Partial shade or indirect sunlight is best which brings us back to porches. The goal with potted mums is to get the longest life possible. Go ahead and give it a try, create a charming outdoor space that you will enjoy through this wonderful Fall season.

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