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These adorable primitive grungy cans are handmade with cinnamon, modge podge, and a tea-stained farmhouse label.

Faux pantry cakes are a perfect addition to farmhouse decor. A combination of salt dough, coffee grounds, and coffee bring these pantry cakes to life with their beautiful earth tones, and a slight scent of hazelnut.

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Have you ever wondered where you could buy an aged, rustic can, also known as grungy can, rusty can, or primitive can? You can purchase these rustic tin cans right here at Lia Rose Simply Home.

I've always loved antiques and farmhouse decor, the older and more worn something looked the better.

These cans have many different names, grungy can, tin can, rusty tin can, rustic tin can, and farmhouse tin can.

I made my first grungy cans years ago and have received so many compliments on them that I decided to open an Etsy shop. Grungy cans bring warmth and character into your home, all while serving a purpose. I've used grungy cans for pen and pencil holders, hair ties, and even candy canes at Christmas time. Floral arrangements are very pretty in these cans and the florals can be changed as the seasons change.

Below is the link to my Etsy Shop where you can purchase a primitive grungy can!


FAUX PANTRY CAKES- are currently out of stock but did you know you can craft your own faux pantry cakes?

Unlock the secrets of crafting these charming faux farmhouse pantry cakes that infuse warmth and character into any space. Whether showcased on open shelving, a hutch, or the stove top, these pantry cakes are the perfect addition. With a simple process involving flour and used coffee grounds, you'll be amazed at the delightful results!

How To Make Faux Pantry Cakes

How To Make Faux Pantry Cakes

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