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Sweet Ricotta Filling Recipe- How To Make Sweet Ricotta

This sweet ricotta recipe is used as a filling for crepes, a sweet dip for fruit, and is delicious spread on toasted Italian Bread. Sweet Ricotta is a treat and is so easy to make in less than 5 minutes. Try my simple crepe recipe linked here.

What is ricotta cheese? Ricotta is an Italian whey cheese. In Italian ricotta translates to recooked. Traditionally when cheese was made it was separated into two parts, solid and liquid. The solid (curds) was made into cheese, and the liquid (whey) was made into ricotta. This was a way to put leftovers to good use.


12-16 oz fresh ricotta cheese Depending on where you buy fresh ricotta cheese the ounces may vary.

2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla

You can use 4 tablespoons of honey if you don't want to use sugar.


Place the ricotta cheese in a tea towel, or cheesecloth and squeeze out the extra liquid.

Pour all ingredients into a food processor or a blender at high speed. You can stir the ricotta and other ingredients in a bowl but you won't get a smooth, whipped texture.

Mix until a smooth mixture forms, stopping to scrape down the sides as needed.

Store in the fridge.

This sweet ricotta along with crepes and fresh berries is the perfect food for the summer season.



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