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How To Transfer Children's Artwork To A Tea Towel

Save and cherish your children's artwork by transferring it onto a flour sack (tea towel) towel. This DIY is a great way to display your child's artwork and an even better gift idea!

In today's post, I'm going to share a great way to display and preserve your child's artwork by tracing it onto a flour sack tea towel. Kids bring home a lot of artwork from school or daycare. In reality, we can't keep all of it but we sure can save those special pieces of art. Maybe it's a mothers/fathers day card, a special letter, or a meaningful drawing. You don't have to place these drawings in a drawer anymore now you can display them in your kitchen.

Transferring artwork onto a flour sack tea towel also preserves the artwork. I wish I knew about transferring drawings, letters, or recipes onto a tea towel when my kids were younger. I saved as much as I could of my kid's artwork and special papers, but papers get lost, ripped, and misplaced especially over the span of 25 years. At least I have my granddaughter's artwork now and I can display it in my kitchen with this simple technique.

Children put time and effort into their artwork, imagine how proud they will be to see their work displayed in the kitchen. Children's art isn't the only image you can transfer to a tea towel. Do you have a family recipe written by a loved one? This technique will work for written recipes as well.

What is a flour sack towel? A flour sack towel is a thin but absorbent kitchen towel made from cotton. Flour sack towels were made from cotton bags that flour and grains were packed in. The bags were reused into towels. Flour sack towels are free of dyes, durable, and dry quickly. Flour sack towels are thin making them perfect for placing an image under it and tracing. Even though these towels are thin they are absorbent.

What is a flour sack towel used for? Flour sack towels are lint-free, won't shrink, and are durable. This makes them perfect for the kitchen. Here is a list of beneficial uses for flour sack towels.

- Drying dishes

- Replace paper towels

- Cover rising dough

- Keep food warm, flour sack towels are perfect for keeping food warm.

- Store greens, wrap greens in a flour sack towel, and place in a ziplock bag to keep them crisp.

- Line a bread basket

- DIY curtains, flour sack towels are perfect for DIY curtains on small windows.

- DIY pillow covers and pot holders.

What You Will Need

Flour sack towels-

Permanent marker or markers. You can use one color or as many colors as you want.

How To Trace Artwork Onto A Flour Sack Towel

Step 1- Pre-wash and iron the flour sack towel.

Step 2- In a well-lit room simply place the artwork on a table and lay the towel on top of the artwork and trace. Keep in mind the placement of the towel and wear the image will end up. Don't press hard on the towel with the permanent marker it will blotch. You want to lightly trace the image.

Step 3- When you are done gently remove the original artwork and leave the towel alone until it's completely dry. I recommend a couple of hours.

I hope you found inspiration in today's post and give this technique a try. Christmas is coming soon these towels make great gifts for loved ones.



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