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DIY - How to make a birdseed feeder and How to make bird food cakes (suet)

How to attract birds to your backyard. Easy apple peanut butter treats.

After a long winter in the North East, It's music to my ears when I hear the first few birds chirping in the morning. It's time to welcome spring's long-awaited arrival and our feathered friends. One of the things I miss most during the winter is the beautiful sight and sounds of the birds. Today I'm going to be sharing how to make birdseed cakes ( also known as suet.) and a simple apple peanut butter bird treat. Kids love making these, and it's a good opportunity to learn about birds and spark an interest in nature. I will link two great children's books about birds below.

I'm so excited to share this easy activity that children and adults will love. Invite the birds to your home with a birdseed feeder, and special apple peanut butter treats. It's so fun to see the birds enjoying them. My granddaughter and I love watching the birds out of the dining room window. It is a beautiful, peaceful sight.

Tips for attracting birds to your yard

Provide a few different types of feeders. tube feeders are better for finches and sparrows, while blue jays and cardinals prefer ground feeders. They are larger birds so it can be difficult for them to grasp onto a small hanging feeder.

Use bird food with sunflower seeds, fruit, and nuts. Cardinals and Blue Jays love sunflower seeds.

Have a water source like a birdbath. Birds listen for moving water. You can add a solar fountain to your birdbath. I will link one here on amazon for $20 along with a great feeder for blue jays and cardinals.

Place your feeders in a quiet place, and plant a garden with bird-friendly plants.

What you will need

1 ½ cups birdseed

2 packets of plain gelatin

½ cup boiling water

Recipe for birdseed cakes

Grab your cookie cutters. You will want larger-sized cookie cutters, small cookie cutters ( for example a small star with edges ) will be difficult to remove the cake. You can use any type of dish or container; it does not have to be a cookie-cutter.

Combine 2 packets of plain gelatin and ½ cup of boiling water in a bowl and stir until dissolved.

Add 1 ½ cups of birdseed and stir until all of the seed is coated.

Let the mixture sit for about one minute, then fill your cookie cutters or container. If you want to hang your cake, place straw or pencil for a hole and leave it until the gelatin starts to set. Let the birdseed dry completely for about 4 to 6 hours. That's it! Feed your feathered friends!

Easy apple-peanut butter bird treats! I think we have all made a pinecone, peanut butter birdseed feeder at one point. Since it's spring I thought it would be fun to use an apple. The whole feeder will be edible. Simply slice an apple, coat it with peanut butter and press it in birdseed to coat.

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I hope you enjoy making these treats, and bird watching. Thank you for stopping by Lia Rose Simply Home where you will find simple, inspirational, homemaking!

Solar Water Foutain Pump

National Geographic Kids - Bird Guide

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Mar 11, 2022

So excited to try this!


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