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DIY Textured Clay Vase Using Baking Soda and Craft Paint

How to make a textured vase with baking soda and craft paint.

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This technique is cheap and simple with a huge impact, and definitely worth it. I'm sure you've seen the beautifully textured vases that are popular right now, and quite expensive. Most of them come in white, beige, and muted neutral colors. Did you know you can make your own textured vase cheap! I mean a dollar store vase, a dollar bottle of craft paint, and baking soda cheap.

Don't worry if you didn't know because I didn't either. I've seen this done on the internet a few times and decided to try it. I'm glad I did because the transformation is pretty remarkable.

A simple glass vase will look like a ceramic (clay) vase when it's done. This textured paint mixture covers imperfections and sticks well to glass and plastic. Check thrift shops, there are all kinds of goodies there to transform. I’d like to try a decorative bowl. This would also work well on the base of a lamp. What a great way to repurpose items we already have. Keep in mind this technique is not waterproof.

Take a look at the adorable pumpkin below! I used the same technique on a pumpkin from the Dollar Tree. I bought a styrofoam pumpkin that was covered with fabric. The fabric removed easily from the styrofoam, I pulled the stem off that came with the pumpkin and replaced it with a cinnamon stick! Again the transformation is remarkable. The pumpkins look like they are ceramic.


Craft Paint

Baking Soda


Step one: Mix your paint and baking soda in a container. I used one bottle of craft paint and ¼ cup of baking soda. On the second vase, I added more baking soda, the more baking soda you use the thicker the mixture will be, thicker mixture-more texture. There isn't an exact method.

Step two: Apply your first coat of paint mixture and let dry completely. It is important not to skip the drying step. The mixture will come off if it's not completely dry. Don't worry once it's dry it does harden.

Step three: Apply a second coat. You can dry brush the second coat when it's partially dry if you want more specific lines. The simplicity and results of this project are pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy it.

Textured Pumpkin Dollar Tree Makeover

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19 apr 2022

How simple!

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