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DIY Christmas Bells

DIY rustic bells are easy to make and the perfect addition to farmhouse decor. This Dollar Tree makeover costs pennies and the end result is remarkable.

How to make Dollar Tree bells look old and rustic.

I'm sharing another one of my favorite Dollar Tree makeovers in today's post. These DlY primitive bells are adorable and easy to make. They will add charm and warmth to your farmhouse decor, and they aren't just for Christmas decor these adorable bells can be used through the winter months. With some Elmer's glue, a little bit of white craft paint, and cinnamon you can create these rustic bells.

These versatile DIY rustic bells offer so many creative possibilities. Some of my personal favorites include using them as charming bowl fillers, placing them in a mason jar to infuse a rustic touch into the kitchen, and incorporating them into garland and wreath arrangements.

As I mentioned before, these DIY bells seamlessly transition into winter decor even after the holiday season. For Christmas, I decorate my fireplace with a simple garland made of greenery and pine cones, and I introduce vibrant accents by incorporating red berries, ornaments, and these DIY bells, scattering them throughout the garland. Once Christmas festivities are over, I choose to leave the DIY bells in place, and they continue to enhance the beauty of the garland and pine cones, making it a perfect winter decoration.

Don't forget the tree!

Let's not forget about the Christmas tree! Primitive bells can serve as delightful ornaments. Simply swap out the included string with twine, available in a variety of colors and designs, to add a unique and personalized touch. Here are some links to festive twine.

Two Pack Red and Green Twine

Red/White Twine

Natural Jute Twine

Don't forget the gifts!

When you're wrapping gifts, remember these charming bells. Including them as part of your gift presentation adds a special touch, transforming them into ornaments that can be cherished afterward. Just attach a piece of twine to the ornament and secure it to the gift.

While social media can be a great source for inspiration and ideas, it often creates pressure to constantly chase decor trends and purchase unnecessary items so why not opt for DIY projects when possible. In truth, DIY allows you to create uniquely beautiful items that you won't find in stores all while saving money..

What You Will Need

Silver or gold bells from Dollar Tree (pack of 9)

Elmer's glue

Any type of white craft paint


I wasn't joking when I said this was a breeze! Simply blend together equal portions of white craft paint and Elmer's glue. You won't require much, so begin with a small quantity.

Using a small paintbrush, coat the bell with a light layer of the paint mixture, then generously sprinkle it with cinnamon. Allow the bell to dry completely. Once it's dry, apply a thin layer of pure glue to seal the bell.

How to store DIY rustic bells?

When it's time to put the Christmas/Winter decor away wrap the bells in tissue paper and store them in a paper bag or cardboard box.

While you are here, be sure to check out this easy DIY on transferring your child's artwork or a meaningful recipe onto a tea towel. This is my favorite DIY, now I can display my granddaughter's art in my kitchen.

DIY tea towel click here

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