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Easy Homemade Gel Air Freshener With Three Ingredients

Do homemade gel air fresheners work? Are they easy to make? Let's learn how to make gel air fresheners. DIY gel air fresheners are a great gift idea.

The answer is that homemade gel air fresheners work and are easy to make. These gel air fresheners couldn't have come at a better time, with inflation and prices still on the rise. Now is the best time to start making homemade household products. Not only are homemade products cost-effective, but they also work and are free of chemicals. You can choose what goes in the products you use daily on your body and in your home.

What is a homemade gel air freshener? Gel air fresheners release scent into the air. They do not need to be plugged in or lit. Using a simple mixture of unflavored gelatin, salt, essential oil, and water results in a gel air freshener. The gelatin and water form gel and the salt prevents mold. Simply place the jar anywhere you would like fragrance.

Gel air fresheners do work, but they are meant for small spaces. For example a bathroom, a desk, or a nightstand in the bedroom. They work great for closets, especially a closet storing towels and linens. I have a couple in the kitchen next to the sink so I can smell them when I'm doing the dishes. When the windows are open, place one on the window sill, the breeze coming through the window will spread scent into the room.

These gel air fresheners make great gifts. They are pretty to look at and scented, who wouldn't love to receive these gel air fresheners as a gift? Place a piece of fabric under the mason jar ring for a special, pretty touch, or simply tie a ribbon around the jar. This recipe will make two 4-6 oz gel air fresheners. The best part about making multiples of these gel air fresheners is that unflavored gelatin is inexpensive. Buy glass jars at Dollar Tree and you can make several of these for pennies. Keep in mind you can use essential oils to make many things like candles, and DIY carpet fresheners. Once you invest in essential oils you can use them for other things.

Depending on where you purchase your essential oils they can be pricey. Candles and air fresheners require a lot of oils. Everyone has their own opinion on oils but I feel just fine using a lower-grade oil for candles and air fresheners. The only time I use a higher-grade essential oil is for skin care products, but you certainly don't have to.

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How long do homemade gel air fresheners last? Gel air fresheners will last 2-3 weeks. You can add more essential oil to the top of the gel to extend the life of the air freshener.

Do I use a lid when I'm using my gel air freshener jar? No, you don't have to use a lid when you are using your jar. The gel is solid and won't spill. If you have pets or children and you are concerned about them getting into the gel you can certainly cover the jar. Poke holes in the metal lid with a hole punch.

What You Will Need

Mason jars 4 or 6 oz - any small jar will work

1 cup of water

2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin $1.98 at Walmart

1 tablespoon of salt

20 - 25 drops of essential oil

How To Make Gel Air Fresheners


Step 1- Heat water in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Not boiling water. The water only needs to be hot enough to dissolve the gelatin.

Step 2- Add salt and stir until dissolved.

Step 3- Turn the stove to low heat and stir in the gelatin. Keep stirring until all the gelatin is dissolved and there are no lumps of gelatin. Remove from heat.

Step 4- Add 20-25 drops of essential oils.

Step 5- Once the mixture has cooled slightly pour it into a glass jar. Do this step before the mixture starts to gel.

Step 6- Once the glass jar is cool, place it in the fridge for an hour. This will speed up the gelling process. You don't have to use the fridge, the gelatin will set it just takes longer. Remove from the fridge and leave it alone for 24 hours.

One of the best things about essential oil is the ability to customize scents. You can mix different oils for a Fall scent, Christmas, floral, or anything you like. Here is a list of my favorite essential oil blends. These blends are great for an oil diffuser, DIY candle, DIY carpet freshener, and so much more.

Essential Oil Blends


Fall blend

10 drops of cinnamon essential oil

10 drops of orange essential oil

Floral blend

8 drops of lavender

8 drops of jasmine

8 drops of ylang ylang

Relaxation blend

8 drops of lavender

8 drops of chamomile

8 drops of ylang-ylang or cedarwood

Citrus blend

10 drops of orange

10 drops of lemon

What is ylang-ylang oil? The name is different and you may not have heard of it.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is my favorite. It has a gentle, sweet, floral aroma with a hint of jasmine. Ylang-ylang is a yellow star-shaped flower of the Cananga tree found in Southeast Asia and Australia. Ylang-ylang oil is said to help with anxiety and calm the heart rate as well lowering blood pressure.

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