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How To Make Carpet Freshener!

This All-Natural DIY carpet freshener with baking soda, and essential oil works and is easy to make.

Now that the windows are open and the weather's nice it's time to freshen things up.

Carpets and throw rugs tend to hold odor. Especially during the winter months when everything is closed up tight keeping the cold air out. I love this DIY carpet freshener because it doesn't have chemicals, and it really works without a strong toxic scent.

Store-bought carpet fresheners temporarily mask carpet odor baking soda absorbs the odor. This carpet freshener has only two ingredients, baking soda, and essential oil. You don't need the essential oil; it's an added bonus if you like a light, natural scent.

Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator on its own. That's why we put a box in the fridge, to absorb food odors. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has a low ph level and neutralizes the acids in foul odors.

What you will need

1 cup of baking soda

20 drops of essential oil of your choice (optional)

Mason jar, jelly jar, anything you have on hand with an airtight lid. I've seen some people use an empty parmesan cheese bottle.

If you have a mason jar with the lid and ring you can cut a circle to size from a cereal box, and poke holes in it. This will give you a top that will sprinkle your carpet freshner.


Fill your jar with ½ cup of the baking soda

Add 10 drops of essential oil and stir

Add the remaining ½ cup of baking soda

Add 10 more drops of essential oil and stir

Store in an air-tight container

How to use your DIY carpet deodorizer.

Simply sprinkle your all-natural carpet freshener on the carpet, let it sit for 30 mins then vacuum. For tough odors, you can leave this on the carpet overnight and vacuum it up in the morning.

Will baking soda eliminate pet odor? Yes, baking soda is great at removing pet odors.

More Great Uses For Deodorizing With Baking soda!

All-Natural Scouring Scrub

1. Soak cloth diapers in baking soda to neutralize odor.

2. Soak and scrub plastic food containers with a little baking soda and water to absorb food odor dishwashing alone won't get rid of.

3. Did you leave the towels in the washer too long on a hot humid day? To remove odor from laundry add ½ cup to 1 cup ( depending on the size of the load) of baking soda to the washer and let them soak for 30 minutes. This also works well for spit up on baby clothes and burp cloths.

4. Baking soda also works well on pet and children's bathroom accidents. Carpet, upholstery, or a mattress. Absorb as much of the wetness you can. Sprinkle baking soda on the soiled area and let it sit as long as possible up to 8 hours. The baking soda will absorb the order and moisture. Be sure to empty your vacuum when you are done.

5. Baking soda mixed with borax, and salt isn't just for the kitchen sink. It's great in the bathroom and tuff on soap scum.

Essential oils can be pricey. I use cheaper oils for carpet freshener, candles, and gel air fresheners. Everyone has an opinion on oils but I feel just fine using a lower grade oil for these projects. I will link inexpensive oil kits I've used and liked from Amazon below.

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Thank You for stopping by Lia Rose Simply Home! I hope enjoy these non-toxic, cost effective DIY products that work better than store bought!



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