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How To Make Bath Bombs

In today's post, I'm sharing how to make bath bombs at home. This easy bath bomb recipe with all-natural ingredients has a light scent and moisturizing benefits.

What's not to love about a bath bomb? A fun fizz, pretty colors, and fragrance. My seven-year-old granddaughter loves bath bombs. One day she put a tie-dyed, store-bought bath bomb in the sink to watch it fizz and it stained the sink dark pink and purple. My immediate thought was, let's make bath bombs without artificial dyes and perfumes.

Making bath bombs is easy and fun. No fancy equipment is needed to make these bath bombs if you don't want to buy bath bomb molds use a plastic ice cube tray.

Made with natural ingredients these bath bombs are safe for kids and make great gifts for all ages.

The coconut oil in this recipe moisturizes the skin. A homemade bath bomb can easily be customized with fresh lavender or even the zest of an orange along with some orange essential oil. If your adding dry herbs place them in the mold before adding the bath bomb mixture. This recipe uses scented Epsom salt. Scented Epsom salt will give the bath bombs a perfect light scent and is cheaper than essential oil. Bath bombs require at least 20 drops of essential oil, which will get costly quickly. Feel free to use unscented Epsom salt and essential oils if you prefer it won't affect the recipe.

What is citric acid? Citric acid is a colorless organic compound found naturally in fruit, especially in lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit.

Why do I need citric acid when making bath bombs? The citric acid in the bath bombs makes the bath bomb fizz. The citric acid and baking soda neutralize each other creating the fizz that makes the bath bomb so exciting.


1 cup baking soda

½ cup citric acid

¼ cup scented Epsom salt ( you can use unscented Epsom salt and 20 drops of essential oil )

½ cup corn starch

¼ cup melted coconut oil

Water in a spray bottle

Bath bomb mold or plastic ice cube tray

Link to Food Grade Citric Acid

How to make bath bombs

1. Prepare your molds or ice cube tray by lightly greasing them with coconut oil.

2. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, stirring until they are thoroughly mixed.

3. Add the coconut oil and mix until well combined. The mixture will be dry.

4. Spray the water in the mixture one spray at a time. Use your hands to mix. You should only need 2-3 sprays, don't get the mixture too wet. You only need enough water to hold the mixture together. Squeeze the mixture in your hands, if it holds together like the picture here it's done. The consistency will be similar to moon sand.

5. Press the mixture into both sides of the bath bomb molds. Be sure to fill each side of the mold to the top. Put both halves of the molds together. Press the molds together, wipe off any excess, and set them aside. Allow the molds to dry for 24 hours and then remove the molds. I like to let mine set another 12 hours after they are removed from the mold. This ensures the bath bombs are good and dry and harden completely.

6. If you are using an ice cube tray grease the tray with coconut oil, press the mixture into the tray and let it dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours give the ice cube tray a slight twist as you would if you were removing ice, gently flip the tray over and the bath bombs should fall right out.

If the bath bomb doesn't pop right out of the mold tap it on the counter or use a butter knife to loosen the bath bomb at the rim. I always have a bath bomb that doesn't want to pop out easily.

I hope you try to make homemade bath bombs. It is so fun and kids love to make them as much as they love to use them. Bath bombs make a wonderful gift, who doesn't love a hot bath scented with a moisturizing bath bomb?

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