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DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

This DIY stenciled flour sack (tea towel) towel will give you a beautiful decorative towel for the kitchen and save you money. These stenciled tea towels make great homemade gifts and are fun, and easy to make.

In today's post, I'm sharing how to DIY stenciled tea towels along with four meaningful homemade gift ideas that are simple, and inexpensive to make. I love these adorable stenciled tea towels made with flour sack towels and fabric paint. I have purchased decorative towels for many years, I love to change kitchen towels as the seasons change. Decorative towels have become quite pricey and the quality isn't always the best. When I saw this idea I had to try it and I'm so glad I did.

I tried this tea towel DIY with two different types of paint, craft paint, and fabric paint. Fabric paint is expensive it's about $8.00 a bottle so I wanted to try a cheaper craft paint at .54 cents a bottle and see if it would be an option. I figured the cheap craft paint would work and it did. I washed the towels three different times on the delicate wash cycle and the paint looks great. I wouldn't recommend craft paint if you plan on using these towels daily for cleaning, and dishes but for occasional use craft paint will work. Fabric paint will be best for heavy kitchen use.

What is a flour sack towel used for? Flour sack towels are lint-free, they won't shrink, and are durable. This makes them perfect for the kitchen. Here is a list of beneficial uses for flour sack towels.

- Drying dishes

- Replace paper towels

- Cover rising dough

- Keep food warm, flour sack towels are perfect for keeping food warm.

- Store greens, wrap them in a flour sack towel, and place them in a Ziplock bag to keep them crisp.

- Line a bread basket

- DIY curtains, flour sack towels are perfect for DIY curtains on small windows.

- DIY pillow covers and pot holders.

What is a flour sack towel? A flour sack towel is a thin, absorbent kitchen towel made from cotton. Flour sack towels were made from cotton bags in which flour and grains were packed. The bags were reused into towels. Flour sack towels are free of dyes, absorbent, durable, and dry quickly. Flour sack towels are thin making them perfect for tracing an image. They work wonderfully with craft or fabric paint.

What You Will Need & Instructions


Flour Sack Towels Shop Here


Craft paint or fabric paint

Small stencil brush or a small sponge brush. I prefer the small sponge brushes from Dollar Tree


Pre-wash the flour sack towel without using fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a waxy film on fabric, this waxy film will interfere with the absorption of the paint.

Place the tea towel in a single layer on a covered work surface. Do not fold the tea towel the paint may bleed through the towel.

Place the stencil where you want your image and tape it in place.

Dip a small stencil brush, or a foam brush into the paint and blot off the excess paint onto a paper towel.

Important be sure to blot off the excess paint. When stenciling you want the least amount of paint on your brush. I recommend practicing on a piece of paper before starting on your towel.

Apply a light coat of paint on the towel starting in the center of the stencil working your way outward. Starting in the center and working outward will prevent the paint from gathering in the corners of the stencil.

Carefully remove the stencil and allow the towel to dry completely, at least 24 hours.

Be sure to check out my blog post linked below on, How to transfer children's art or a meaningful recipe onto a tea towel.

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